I wish I had started a pregnancy blog earlier…

Oh well….It’s still never too late to give updates!!

I am in my 31st week…almost 8 months!! Things are getting a lot tougher. He’s getting heavier and I’m having continued and increased hip pains. My legs try to cramp at night and do really bad at times. My feet and ankles are swelling. My back hurts all the time.

Mike does what he can to comfort me, giving me foot and back rubs from time-to-time. He’s such a sweetheart!

Mike also likes to talk into my belly which is good because Aidan will be familiar with his voice once he’s born. He’s so cute! He likes to feel Aidan moving around so he’s constantly touching my belly.

Neither of us can wait to see him!! The anticipation is killing us both! We chose not to have the 3-D ultrasound because we both agreed that it would ruin the surprise.

Anyways…This past week was when I went in for my second glucola testing (I failed the first one). I got my fingers stuck and had to pee in a cup four times in four hours!! Mind you, this was after not having had any food or drink since midnight (10pm for me) the night before. Plus I had to drink a whole glass of that orange shit and really felt sick afterwards.

One thing I am enjoying is feeling Aidan moving around. I am starting to be able to see body parts – although, I haven’t identified any yet – when he stretches. I guess in about another week or two, I will definitely start seeing them! Sometimes it catches me off-guard and is a little uncomfortable, but I can deal with it.


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