New stuff

Wow, has it been a while since I posted?! I joined wordpress after my lovely online friend Jess told me about the site and that I’d like it. And I do!!!

A lot has happened in the time since my sweet little boy arrived. He has grown so much and right now is trying his damnedest to talk to us. He just started smiling and it melts my heart everytime! He is so precious; I could never imagine life without him. Along with him, I have grown as well. I’ve grown tired, I’ve grown educated, I’ve become experienced. The greatest experience life could ever present me with.

I promise to keep up with my blog more than I have been because I know a year from now, I’ll want to know myself what was going on this time last year. I love reading over my LJ entries, so I know I’d appreciate having this blog full of stuff.

And, on a side note, I decided that my motto this year is, “Less is more!” This will help me in so many ways if I apply it.



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