A little help for my friends…

For any new mamas out there who would like a little direction or advice, that’s what this blog entry is about.

First of all, here are my favorite sources of information:

  • verybestbaby.com – the website for Nestle’s Good Start formula. I received a free backpack with formula, an ice pack and a changing pad in it, along with lots of pamphlets on info. The hospital gave it to me, but if your’s doesn’t, you can register for it online. They have lots of info on baby and you, and do it month-by-month, or if you need more specific they have FAQ. They also have a form that you can track your baby’s weight gain and compare it to the national average.
  • baby-gaga.com – has a cute ticker where you can count down the days until your due date. You can post it on your myspace or wherever and once your baby is here, you can track their age day-by-day.
  • I’ll be adding more soon.

I’ll add to this constantly.

  1. You don’t have to stock up on diapers! If you do, then the baby may grow out of a certain size before you can use all of them. Then you’ve wasted all of that money. I had 5 packs and one box. 4 packs were newborns and the others were stage 1. I wasn’t able to go through all of the newborns before he outgrew them.
  2. Do buy a bouncee chair and a swing. These will be lifesavers! Another good thing to have when baby doesn’t feel like sleeping and you need to keep moving is a snugli. It’s like a backpack for your baby.
  3. Stock up on wipes!! Baby poop is very messy and you want to ensure that you are getting baby clean so that he/she doesn’t get a diaper rash or infections. Use baby powder as well, but in moderation. I recommend Huggies with Shea Butter and Johnsons Baby Powder. Or if your baby has extra sensitive skin, Huggies makes a sensitive skin wipe (which all babies have sensitive skin). Make sure you allow the surface to dry before putting on the diaper. I’ve read to not use powder until they are a few months old because of the risk of inhalation.
  4. Buy baskets for your changing table to keep things organized and easily asccessible! Wal-Mart has some cute ones in their craft section that are made of grass and banana leaf. Only $5!! I store diapers, bibs and burp cloths in mine.
  5. You can never have too many burp cloths!! I do not recommend the Gerber ones rolled up in a 12 pack at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, wherever. They are thin and just smear the milk on baby’s face. Baby GAP has some heavy duty ones that provide nice coverage. Child of Mine by Carters (at Wal-Mart) makes good ones too. Remember, you don’t have to buy expensive ones to get good quality. Save your money for something baby really needs.
  6. Buy a boppy and play mat. These will be helpful for baby for developmental stages: when he/she starts learning to sit up, roll over and reach out and grab. These will be helpful.
  7. Always carry around an extra change of clothes, pacifiers and burp cloths. You’ll find that you’ll need these often. Carry a shirt for yourself, mom, in case baby makes a mess on you. Baby wipes are good for these kinds of clean-ups, too.
  8. It will be helpful if you make a checklist for things the baby will need and add to it everytime you think of something.
  9. Invest in a baby monitor. I have the decently priced Safety 1st brand from Wal-Mart and it is crystal clear!!
  10. When bathing baby, make sure the water temperature is warm…about 100 degrees is what I’ve read. If you have a boy, use a washcloth to lay over his penis so there are no unexpected surprises! It’s best for both mom and dad to bathe baby to ensure the baby’s safety while you clean, especially when you need to clean their backside.
  11. Buy a wedge thingy for when the baby sleeps so that they don’t roll over on their faces in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping.
  12. Be sure the check the nipple flow on bottles and nipples when you buy them. If you find that your baby is eating very fast, the nipple may have too large of an opening. This can also cause gas and baby to spit up a lot. I personally recommend Playtex because the nipples are a lot like mom’s breasts. This is good if you’re breastfeeding.
  13. If you’re breastfeeding it is not recommended that you allow your child a pacifier for the first month. They are still learning how to use your boob to acquire food and introducing a paci or bottle will confuse them.
  14. Cradle cap: This flaky condition on a baby’s scalp is caused when the skin produces too much oily sebum. Loosen the scales with baby oil or petroleum jelly, then shampoo scalp and pat dry.
  15. Diaper rash: So, Aidan has a horrible diaper rash. It’s more like blisters on his butt with just redness right around them. They’re mostly along his crack, closer to his genitals. It started off as just redness/irritation. I immediately started using Desitin, but it has only gotten worse. I solicited advise from all of the mommies I know and the majority seem to frown upon Desitin.Because of this, I started using triple antibiotic ointment plus pain reliever. My sister said it sounds like he has a yeast infection, but it doesn’t have an odor. Since yesterday evening, it seems to have gotten a little better. I have some A&D ointment and vaseline for backup.I need to keep reading up on stuff because this hit me like a ton of bricks and the poor baby is in pain. I also read online to wash their butt with fragrance free soap everytime you change them and let them air-dry for about 15 minutes 4 times a day and let it dry before putting on the ointment and diaper. And be liberal!!!

    Found some other suggestions like making a solution of vinegar to water: 1/3 vinegar to water. Let them soak in it. This apparently toughens the skin. I haven’t tried it.

    I also read that some mom’s used lotrimin and yeast infection cream. I’m not sure if it is a yeast infection. I’m waiting on his doctor to return my call.

    I do know to NOT use baby wipes as it just dries it out and the roughness of them irritates it further.


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