Insurance and such

I took Aidan to the hearing doctor to check to see if the vernix plug fully cleared and he got an A+!!! I really liked the doctor; he was very gentle and soft-spoken and apparently well-experienced with infants in the health-care setting. (Jess if you ever need to take Cailyn to an ear, nose or throat doctor, go to Dr. Clairmont next to Sky Ridge).

These past few days have been overwhelming and a struggle. Aidan started sleeping all through the night last Thursday and Friday and resumed again last night. It’s nice. 🙂

What’s overwhelming is the thought of returning to work. Knowing that I can have 16 weeks off with my baby, but having to retunr one week early is bugging me. What’s one week, right?? Well, the thought is just pestering me that I could have it and can’t. It’s just like when everyone goes on vacation for a week or two, they don’t want to go back.

I don’t ever want to go back, but unfortunately I have to. I’m hoping that my photography business picks up and is doing well enough by this time next year that maybe I can leave my job. I hate to, but I have to. It’s 90 miles away and that will kill me.

My insurance is ending towards the end of April (I’m currently paying $71.58 every 2 weeks for it) and if I want to continue it, it wil be Cobra which is super-duper expensive. We’ll just have to add him on to Mike’s insurance. My lovely friend Jess told me about Blue Care which I’ll be checking into. I do believe that I most likely will not be eligible, though. They’ll see that I have a Murano and wonder why I’m there.

I talked to my boss the other day and informed her that it’s not possible for me to return full time and that my availability will be way different. I told her that I’ll only be able to work all day Saturdays and Sundays.

We don’t have daycare or anyone who can watch Aidan. Hopefully they’ll have work for me. They should considering the summer is coming and everybody and their brother will be requesting time off.


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