Diaper rashes and a little thing called cradle cap

Diaper rash: So, Aidan has a horrible diaper rash. It’s more like blisters on his butt with just redness right around them. They’re mostly along his crack, closer to his genitals. It started off as just redness/irritation. I immediately started using Desitin, but it has only gotten worse. I solicited advise from all of the mommies I know and the majority seem to frown upon Desitin.

Because of this, I started using triple antibiotic ointment plus pain reliever. My sister said it sounds like he has a yeast infection, but it doesn’t have an odor. Since yesterday evening, it seems to have gotten a little better. I have some A&D ointment and vaseline for backup.

I need to keep reading up on stuff because this hit me like a ton of bricks and the poor baby is in pain. I also read online to wash their butt with fragrance free soap everytime you change them and let them air-dry for about 15 minutes 4 times a day and let it dry before putting on the ointment and diaper. And be liberal!!!

Found some other suggestions like making a solution of vinegar to water: 1/3 vinegar to water. Let them soak in it. This apparently toughens the skin. I haven’t tried it.

I also read that some mom’s used lotrimin and yeast infection cream. I’m not sure if it is a yeast infection. I’m waiting on his doctor to return my call.

I do know to NOT use baby wipes as it just dries it out and the roughness of them irritates it further.

Cradle cap: This flaky condition on a baby’s scalp is caused when the skin produces too much oily sebum. Loosen the scales with baby oil or petroleum jelly, then shampoo scalp and pat dry. Aidan has this as well. Apparently it’s quite common. I just thought he had a dirty scalp.

I’ll add all of this to my entry on info for new mommies.


5 thoughts on “Diaper rashes and a little thing called cradle cap

  1. Poor Aidan and that rash! Yeast will be white, so it probably isn’t that. Yes, don’t use Desitin. We used to use Desitin at first, but Zella had a major problem with it that we won’t go into here. He needs a very “greasy” ointment like A&D for sure. But the ped. can call you in a Rx for his bad rash that is used commonly and works wonders. Please call his doc as soon as you can and get that prescription cream that will clear it up in no time. I forget the name of it right off, but we had to use it before. Better to use that to relieve Aidan of any pain from his bottom.
    I have no clue on cradle cap, or how to help that, but heard that is quite common as well.
    OH and for the cheeks…. Baby Aquafor!!!!! it’s a clear ointment that we use on Zella’s cheeks if they get dry. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks so much Hollie for the helpful info!!!

    The doc finally called me back shortly after I wrote this and he sent in a prescription. Come to find out it was OTC, so I just picked it up from OTC. It was Lotrimin which is an antifungal cream. I guess he thought it sound like a yeast infection.

    I started using it last night, so we’ll see how it goes.

  3. Hey there, just clicked over and saw this. We use A&D original (without zinc oxide) and it helps a LOT. Haven’t looked to see if you are breastfeeding, but if you are, you can rub some breastmilk on it. Many moms swear by it. Bare bottom time is great for clearing up rash, as well. Cloth diapers can also be helpful since they air out better than disposables.

    Here is more info from Dr. Sears on diaper rash. It does sound like yeast to me. Again, if you are BFing, watch out for thrush. We had that for a while and it was hell. Since then I have been really stingy with wipes – I only use them when he poos because urine is sterile already and wipes can mess with the natural healthy bacteria in the diaper area.

  4. Yeah, I bought some A&D ointment but wasn’t able to use it before getting the Lotrimin.

    Thanks for the pointers!!! I stopped breastfeeding, but ma still producing milk – for some reason (it’s been about 2 months since I stopped).

  5. Lydia had a slight touch of the cradle cap at about 3 weeks old…baby oil and a baby brush…just brush his hair/head with the soft bristled baby brush until you brush all you can out and rub a bit of baby oil on his scalp. I use Aquaphor and Lydia has never had a diaper rash. I only use the Aquaphor when I see that her little hiney is getting pinkish and it takes it right away…but I already told you that, I think…and it seems that Aidan’s issues are something other than diaper rash. Have you tried drying his little butt with the hair dryer on low and hold it out about 2 feet and swish it back and forth rapidly. We did that when Lydia was having issues with pooping A LOT and had a red hiney…I also blow dry her after her baths…she’s gonna be like 23 and still blow drying herself after baths…no I don’t spoil her 😉
    Good luck!

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