Pitching a fit

Is pitching a fit ingrained????

Aidan is now showing frustration/irritation by pitching afit. He’ll kick his legs up and out while making the “NUH!” grunt. What I want to know is where he learned this from. He’s never around any other infants, or anyone hardly at all.

He’s also learning to scoot himself with his legs. To the side, upwards, downwards…

I tested him today with a rattle to see if he would follow it and he did with both his head and his eyes. He also reaches out for it. When he holds it himself he gets so excited. It’s all that power giving him a thrill!! lol

He continues to sleep through the night – surprisingly, considering he still has his diaper rash. (which I’ll make another blog about)

He’s pretty routine. He will go to bed around 9 and sleep until 5:30am. Then we’ll stay up until about 6:30 or 7 and he’ll sleep for an hour, then wake up only to put himself back to sleep in less than 15 minutes. Then we’ll get up for good and play, etc. He’ll usually take a nap around 1pm then 3ish then 5ish and not again until he goes to sleep. His naps are usually 30 minutes to an hour long.

Pretty good I must say!


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