Motherhood and mental health

Thanks to ewokmama for the idea of this entry.

I say only motherhood because that’s the sex I represent and the only one I can speak for, but I am sure it is very similar for fathers.

Most women suffer from post-partum depression after having a child if they suffer from any form of mental health issues.

I have experienced it from time-to-time, but I think that my anxiety outweighs it. What I mean is whenever I begin to feel depressed, I try to distract myself by becoming preoccupied with a task or something visual. Then I become obsessed, especially with tasks. I can become so focused that I’ll neglect Aidan…not that I don’t take care of him, I just do what I need to and not give him that extra attention. I feel like a bad mother a lot of times.

Usually I will catch this and distract myself from myself by playing with him. Isn’t it funny that I have to distract myself from me instead of him??

He’s a relatively quiet baby and of course, he still sleeps a lot, so I get those moments to myself to take care of business. But I hate stopping in the middle of something and it drives me nuts until I can get back to it.

I try to have too much control over certain things in my life and will drive myself crazy trying to accomplish these feats, which sometimes I never do. This is where I become anxious and uptight. Then I get fussy and bitchy.

I have learned to manage this anxiety since having Aidan, but it’s still an underlying issue. I can only keep it at bay for so long.

I think it’s time to start looking into therapy. I do well talking to Mike about it, but there’s only so much he can do until it becomes a nag in his side.

I have OCD, by the way and supraventricular tachychardia. I’m a wreck. lol


4 thoughts on “Motherhood and mental health

  1. therapy is a great thing. it’s nice to be able to just get it all out there and not worry about being judged or not saying everything that you feel since it’s your significant other and you dont want to overload them. therapy has been an absolute life saver for me and i would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

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