Aidan and the Rash

Sounds like some kind of weird band name, doesn’t it??

Just thought I’d let everyone know that his rash is now pink and drying up VERY well. We went to Mike’s mom’s last night and we forgot our medicine. She only had First Aid cream, so we used that and that’s what wound up staying on him all night. Well, I bought Aquaphor yesterday and used it once before that and have used it all day today.

He hasn’t cried or fought any since then. Yay!!!

I’m ecstatic!


2 thoughts on “Aidan and the Rash

  1. so glad it’s better!!

    thanks for the comment on my blog. we totally have a swing, a bouncer, and then when she is older, the johnny jump up. this kid has it all and she isn’t even born yet.

  2. Awesome!! All I need is the Johnny Jump UP and one of those carts they sit in and roll around. They have the cute rainforest one at wall-World that I think I’ll get.

    I’m jealous of your nursery!! Aidan shares a room with Alex and Dameion. (Dameion only comes over on Saturdays for 5 hours or so, but we don’t want to exclude him.) I could convert the 3rd bedroom back to a bedroom, but we really need our studio/office. It’s where I do photo shoots and he does tats.

    We really need a bigger house, but don’t plan to move until we move to Florida or wherever in a few years.

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