Watery eye…

So now Aidan has a watery eye and when it comes out in eye boogers its yellow, like from pollen. Also, the watery stuff is kind of sticky. I called his doctor and they said it could be allergies or pink eye, but his eye color is fine.

I’m giving him Tylenol Sinus & Cold, but am wondering if you guys have other recommendations. I’ve been putting a warm compress on it at times, too.


3 thoughts on “Watery eye…

  1. why does he need to get real? he said if i don’t progress within 4 hours of induction he will do a c-section. i have some medical issues, so he feels anything after 4 hours might be harmful. i didn’t understand your comment.

  2. I didn’t know that you had medical issues, but I was thinking that there’s no way he should expect it all to be over with in 4 hours. I thought his expectations were high, but see differently now since you said that he is considering your medical issues.

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