Bananas, peaches and applesauce…oh my!

So this solid food thing isn’t going so well. I know it’s just because he’s had nothing but milk and rice since he was born and that’s what he’s used to.

And I’m certain that he’ll eventually adjust to it, but for now, I’m sure a lot will be wasted and coating his bibs and burp cloths!

We tried bananas today and still got the icky face, but I was persistant and he slowly started to – kind of – relax.

Aside from that, he’s getting more and more animated everyday. It’s so much fun to watch him grow and learn. I want to spoil him so bad!!! I want to buy every learning toy and teething toy out there right now. I want to buy him all of the fun chairs and mats and bathtime stuff!

For now, I will change his nursery and buy him a little at a time. 🙂 Today I got him a teething butterfly and octopus. It’s softer than all of the rings and things he now has.

I’m excited…after this box of diapers, we’ll be starting on stage 3!! And the good news is is that White Cloud now makes an overnight diaper! Yay!!! Cheap and functional. I love it.


3 thoughts on “Bananas, peaches and applesauce…oh my!

  1. How old is your little guy? I didn’t stress the solids with Little Red and just waited until he was grabbing at my food. When he’s interested, he’ll eat.

    (I hear you on the cheap diapers — I’m all about the Target brand diapers.)

  2. He just turned 4 months, so I’m not pushing them too much. He has definitely shown an interest in our food and drinks. Whenever we’re holding a glass or eating he stares at us as if taking it all in and being curious.

  3. Oh, I was thinking he was way older! 4 months! Don’t sweat anything. I was lazy with solids until Little Red was a year! (let’s face it, breastmilk was just so much easier…)

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