So this is one of my pet peeves: obesity, in general, but moreso in children. Thus, I will talk about the latter.

I watched a Maury show on this same issue where 3 different kids under the age of 4 were introduced. One little girl was 3 y/o and 120 lbs.!!!!! The other girl was 90 lbs. and the boy was 4 and 120lbs.!!!!

Forget trying to control any of them during a temper tantrum!

I have a huge amount of disdain for parents who allow their children to get grotesquely overweight. Fat. Or maybe they don’t allow them; they just turn the other cheek and put up with it. This is neglect people! Abuse as well. Knowing that obesity can cause severe growth dilemmas and lots of health issues and sitting back and allowing it is careless. It’s wreckless behavior for the children. They have to learn discipline and they aren’t going to be able to learn good eating habits on their own. They require help!

It’s like putting a teenager in a car and expecting them to be excellent drivers and to know how to maneuver tough situations. It’s not going to happen on it’s own.

I would love to have a few words with some of these parents: both the pompous ones and the ones who try to act like they did everything they could. Bullshit!

I’ll add more tomorrow. It’s late.


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