Hands & Feet

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated. I’ve been super-busy with painting Aidan’s/the kids’ room. (It’s more Aidan’s than anyones since he lives here full-time).

I decided to do stripes on the lower half and yellow on the upper, and across the ceiling. It’s a very tedious task, painting nice, neat stripes. It took me all of last week to finish what you see in the pics. Today I painted the yellow. I’ll post pics at the end of my entry.

Other than this, Aidan has been growing up! He’s my little man! He wants to sit up all the time – with my help of course. He’s been eating more and more solid food. We have moved from bananas to applesauce. He loves both! And he’s so messy. I had to invest in a plastic bib and I now know what I can use the cheap burp cloths for!!!!

On Thursday he discovered his feet. When he sits up, he’ll grab one foot and wiggle it. Today while I was changing him, he grabbed it while laying down. Yay!! Next will be his sac. lol

He also has been trying his damnedest to roll over. He almost did on Friday when Mike came home, but then got excited to see his daddy and forgot about trying. He’s rolling from his back to his stomach. Most literature that I’ve read says that infants usually learn the opposite first.

I plan to do a photo shoot with him this week since he can now raise up on his elbows. Time for some new black and whites!!! I’m excited and busy!

So much to do: A woman’s work is never done. Right Jess?! 🙂

I try to stay off the computer as much as possible so that I’m more productive at home. I’ve done good so far! Now if I could just get down an exercise routine.


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