Gonna’ work off that baby belly and butt!!

So, since giving birth, I have managed to lose 28 lbs. of my baby weight – without exercising!!! I still have 10 lbs. to go, but I’m aiming higher and shooting towards losing 20 more lbs.!!!!!

Don’t worry folks, that will still keep me in my healthy body weight range. I’ll be 122 lbs if I make it there. I want to be a size 7 again. Right now I’m a 13.

I’m doing something about what is the trivial last weight…

My mother gave me the stroller she bought for my nephews when they visited her. It’s a 5K, runnin stroller. The tricycle kind that have big wheels and can go across any terrain.

Yeah!! My ass is walking again. Starting manana. Of course, I have to clean it first as it has been in her shed for a couple of years.


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