I always get out of the mood of wanting to keep up with my blog entries, but then I’ll read other peoples’ and get inspired all over again.

It has been a short while since I last posted, and a lot has happened. I had my first motherly breakdown to the point I had to walk away from Aidan. He discovered his ding-a-ling this week and he won’t stop. I have almost finished painting his nursery. (Pics will follow).

And too much more that I can’t remember.

Last night I started painting again. I made some more of the safari themed paintings for the nursery. The zebra is the most recent addition.

It makes me want to get back into painting, but I have so many other projects going on at all times, I really don’t need to add another one. Of course, the Bob Ross oil paints sitting in the closet have been taunting me.

I drug the antique dresser that was left to me by a family friend out of the shed so that I could stain it completely and lo and behold, my stain is missing. How’d that happen? It’s probably about 50 or so years old. It has wooden castors.


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