Time for 6-12

Aidan has grown so much!!! He’s 21 pounds now, which puts him above average for his age; he’s supposed to be around 19 lbs.

For the past month he’s been wearing 6 months+ clothing. Last night I put him in a sleeper that I thought was too big for him and it fits him perfectly, not too loose, not too tight! My baby’s growing up!

Lately he has been interested in grabbing everything!!! Lamp shades when we walk past them, his manhood when we change his diaper, my towel on my head after I shower, whatever he’s near when he’s in his stroller seat. It’s tiring chasing after him sometimes!!

He has also discovered the inside of his palm. He now holds it out like a magician making magic in his palm and he stares at it!!! He’s so cute.

He’s doing so much better with sitting up; he can actually sit alone for a few seconds at a time. When he’s on his belly, he will push his upper body all the way up like a yoga move. Sometimes he tries to crawl, but only succeeds in moving himself sideways.

He eats at least 2-3 jars of stage 2 food a day!! And I wonder why he’s above average!! I decided to start purchasing cheap formula, alternating weekly with the expensive formula. I buy Nestle Good Start DHA & ARA and Parent’s Choice Gentle Formula. The first can is $24 and the second is $14. He’s drinking 4 ozs. of juice (1/2 water, 1/2 juice) a day and his poop is still somewhat dry. I’ve been feeding him a jar of stage 1 prunes when this happens, but apparently need to increase that.

My! All of the things I’ve learned as a mother!

This weekend we will actually have extra money. I plan to pay off the remainder of mine and Aidan’s medical bills and give Joan $30 on Alex’s. Then I’m going to buy my boy some toys to help his motor skills and intelligence.

Yesterday we were supposed to take Aidan to have his hyperspadias repair, but found out last Thursday that we apparently have a $1000 deductible that hadn’t been met and needed to be before the surgery. O_O I had to call and cancel/reschedule later. She understood. It has to be done before he’s a year old, so whenever Mike gets his 401K, we’ll plan for it then. It will be around November/December. I get to dread this for 5 more months. Ugh.


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