Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes I wonder when Aidan sleeps through the night if it’s because I don’t wake up or don’t hear him. But if he was crying/fussy, he wouldn’t be so chipper whenever I do wake up to get him.

Last night he slept from about 10pm until 8am. I know it’s time for longer nights as he’s 6 months+ now.

The only thing I really worry about is when my husband has him on the weekends, if he wakes or not. Mike puts in a LOT of hours and has a very demanding and exhausting job, and I know he’s wore out by the time the weekend gets here. He doesn’t hear him in the night during the week. I think if Aidan got fussy and loud enough, he’d wake up.

I got kind of spoiled not having to work any last weekend. We also went to Atlanta to see Marilyn Manson, so I was even more spoiled!! I hope one day that my business is going well enough that I don’t have to have my PRN job. I miss spending extra time on the weekends with my hubby and my step-kids. Because of his job, he’s too tired to do anything in the evenings, therefore we don’t go out much. His evenings are for doing the things he can’t do during the weekend: yard work, etc.

I know for now – and for a few years – it will be this way, unless business really picks up. I have a feeling it will in the next 6-12 months as it is right now, but not enough for me to quit my other job.


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