big boy!

Aidan has slept in his crib, in his room since day one.

It wasn’t until recently that I would get up for him at night and just bring him to bed with me. We’d do this at about 5:30am until he woke at about 8am.

I figured that he was probably getting used to that, so I put a stop to it. This whole week, I have tried to avoid doing this, even if it means forcing myself to stay awake until he goes back to sleep. (I did it before!!!) I’ve only broken my promise once and that was this morning.

He doesn’t seem to mind the difference. Also, whenever he’d nap through the day, I’d put him in our bed. I haven’t done that not once this whole week.

I don’t want him to get to the point of relying on cuddling with me to make it all through the night. He has actually slept quite well this whole week; only waking once or twice before 6 am.

I’ve also been trying to make his night time routine more relaxing by bathing him every night in the Sleep type bath wash (Johnson’s Nighttime or whatever). I dress him in sleep-n-plays so he’s guaranteed to be warm, even if he comes out of the covers.

His naps have improved, too! Some days he’ll have two 2-3 hour naps!!! If I had more time to give him lotion massages, I would, but after 6pm is daddy’s playtime with him.


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