Aidan has been doing the old man with no teeth lip-pop thing that all babies do. We’ve also been trying to get him to wave at people. This is all over the past week. He has become more vocal again and has all kinds of the cutest squeals and noises. I love it!!!

Today, Mike came back home this morning because he forgot to pack his lunch. As he was leaving he was waving to Aidan and saying bye. Aidan clearly waved in return and said bye-bye. This was without coercion!!! It was the cutest thing.

So now it’s his favorite thing to do since he saw how tickled we got over it this morning. He’s been waving at me and saying bye-bye-bye, then returns to the lip popping thing.

I can’t wait for the next accomplishment!

He has continued sleeping through the night as well. Last night he slept from 10:30pm until a little after 8am.


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