Baby Story

I still can’t watch Baby Story without crying. It’s exciting to watch the birth of a new life in this world. It’s even more exciting when it’s yourself. I am very fortunate and thankful that I can do this. It’s quite an experience. I think it makes me sad because it’s not in my plans to have another one.

Sometimes I feel like I want more babies; sometimes I feel like one is enough. Then I think about Aidan growing up. All of his current siblings (half) are much older than him – 13 years to be exact. And so are his cousins. His closest cousins in age are 100 miles away. So that means that he’ll pretty much grow up alone. Our neighbors have a boy his age and one not much older, but we’ll be moving in a few years. I’m sure he’ll have friends once he starts school, but he won’t have much socialization with kids his age before then. I guess I could take him to parks and stuff. Anyone else have any recommendations?

I want the best for him and want him to be so happy. I don’t want to deprive him of anything.



2 thoughts on “Baby Story

  1. There is an organization called The MOMS Club and other national mother groups where you can meet other parents and children the same age as yours. That’s how we first found playground for our oldest daughter, and now at 4 1/2, we are still friends with many mothers and children we met there.

    I also cry at A Baby Story. I find it strange that I cry at strangers having babies, but I never cried at my own births! I was more in shock than anything else, I suppose!

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