uh oh!!

As I was cutting up brownies I had just baked, Aidan made a funny grunt as he was bouncing in his chair. It was disgruntled sound, as if he was in distress or something. It was just different and I picked up on that.

I went into the living room to check on him – I don’t usually leave him alone in it too long – and discovered that he was leaning back unusually far and was about to flip backwards…crooked backwards. He had broken the clip part where the top and bottoms join together!!!

This was thick plastic. I was astonished!

Then I was saddened. This is the chair I always put him in now to feed him. 😦 I guess now it’s time to start using his high-chair again. He also bounces from it, to his roller chair, and to his rainforest bouncer. Now it’s out f the picture. That’s OK. It happens. At least we now have a rug in his room that he loves playing on.



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