pitch a fit, why dontcha?!

I failed to mention the fact that my little man decided to throw his first stomping-of-the-feet tantrum two days ago.

I forgot about this until I read Jess’ blog, Mommy Has Tattoos.

It was quite entertaining actually. He was strolling around the kitchen in his roller chair and was fussy because he refused to go to sleep. Then he leaned back, screamed louder and stomped his feet, alternately. I laughed at him and waited until he calmed down to pick him up.

He went to sleep after I got him. There’s nothing better than being in momma’s arms.

Speaking of which, Alex came over today and when Aidan saw her (I was holding him), he cried and cried hard. It was like he was scared of her. Of course, she has only been here twice in the past 4 months….that’s half of his life.


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