Things every mother needs:

So I decided to make a post about the things that help make my days go by easier. Things every mother needs to help keep her sane when times are tough.

1.  Clorox anywhere disinfecting spray – This stuff is “as gentle as soap and water” and can be used on any hard surface. I love using it on toys, Aidan’s car stroller tray, his high chair, his changing pad (even though it’s not a hard surface) and his diaper pail. It’s safe to use around kids. Love it!

2. Johnson’s Melt Away Stress softlotion. This stuff works wonders when you’ve had  a stressful day. It comes in shower gel, lotion and oil. I rub it on my wrists right before I go to bed and I’m out in an instant!!!

3. Johnson’s Bedtime Products for baby – This is amazing. When you are helping set up a night time routine for your baby, nothing works better in calming and relaxing your baby. I give my baby a bath in the gel and give him a massage with the lotion before putting him to bed. His sleep pattern has improved.

Look for more additions!! I need to do housework!


2 thoughts on “Things every mother needs:

  1. I just read all of the posts that I haven’t read yet…I just love it, wish I could make the time to do this! Keep up the good work Mommy! I agree with this list! Love the Clorox Anywhere!!!!

  2. Thank you!!! I try to make the effort because I plan to give Aidan this address when he’s older so he can read it. It will be kind of like finding buried treasure!!!

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