Parent’s Choice diapers suck!!!

Last week I had to buy a cheaper brand of diapers – because I refuse to pay more than what I normally pay – and that was Wal-Mart’s Parent’s Choice brand. I normally buy White Cloud which works great!!

Since buying the PC brand, Aidan has had more leaks than ever!!!! I’ve had to change his outfit at least 3 times a day, no kidding. It’s not because I leave them on for lengthy time periods, it’s just because they suck. I normally change it every hour at least and when he’s asleep, I leave him to sleep in it. I’ve never had a problem with White Cloud.

So, I will never recommend these diapers, but I will recommend their cloth wipes. They are fantastic!!!

Note to self: If you need to, drive across town or buy the more expensive diapers!!


3 thoughts on “Parent’s Choice diapers suck!!!

  1. that’s so weird!! cailyn has more leaks in huggies diapers but hasn’t had a problem with the parents choice diapers. weird!! but then again, she is still breastfeeding so real poop hasn’t exactly been an issue yet.

  2. That is weird. I’ve never had a problem with the White Cloud brand. Well, except once when I was out and forgot to change him and it got overloaded.


    I only used Huggies when he was a newborn – all the free ones I got.

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