Why I didn’t put my baby in daycare:

Last week I heard on the news about a baby at a daycare that was discovered to have been put in a dark room with it’s paci taped with packaging tape over it’s mouth.

I would be going to jail for beating the living shit out of somebody. This happened not too far from my hometown, in Jefferson City.

You know when I talked to people about why I refused to put Aidan in daycare after maternity leave, they always told me the same thing, you know that it doesn’t happen that often; it’s not every daycare….blah, blah. Well, maybe that’s true, but what about all of the abuse/neglect that we don’t hear about; that we don’t ever know happens?? I’m not willing to take that chance. Ever.

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have absolutely no control over what happens to you in any way shape or form. babies don’t know to scream for help. They don’t know that what’s being done to them is wrong.

If you’re a parent, picture the look on your baby’s face whenever they have their paci in and they give you that baffled, cute look. Now imagine it happening when someone’s taping up their mouth. How can anyone treat babies so horribly?? I mean you have to be sick to do such a thing.

Before Aidan was born, I was flippant on the idea of putting him in daycare. After he came along, I knew I never wanted to take any risks of putting him in danger.

Plus, I didn’t want his first word, first step, etc with other people. I wanted it to be with either Mike or I. Fortunately my job was able to help me out with this and I took a PRN position and they’ve worked me practically every weekend what I asked for: Saturday mornings to Sunday evenings. I stay overnight, then come home the next day for Mike to prepare for bed and go to work the next day.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. Of course, that is unless I am able to quit work and just do photography.


10 thoughts on “Why I didn’t put my baby in daycare:

  1. an older friend of mine was telling me about when she was young and had her first baby and her friend also had a baby and absolutely had to work, so this woman took her baby in for a few months to help out. she said, “no one will ever take care of your baby the way you will.” when both babies cried, she took care of hers first, and when they were hungry, she always fed hers first.
    that’s what i think of when i get a little antsy about money and i consider work. i want to take care of ava because no one else will be able to take care of her the way i do.
    good for you! you’re a good mom.

  2. Thank you very much!!! I would only recommend it at least until you’re baby can tel lyou what’s going on!

    If people plan to have kids, or whatever the circumstances, the best thing to do is SAVE as much money as you can so you can stay at home.

  3. Yes, I would beat the living shit out of someone as well. My little man stays with a good friend of mine during the day, who is a mere 5 blocks from my husband’s office so random check in’s are always possible.

    Thanks for coming to my blog… So glad to see Jess thinks you’re fabulous!!!

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  5. I hate that Mike has such a shitty job but I guess you just do what you have to do to take care of things. His job lets you have time off during the week to stay with Aidan and he gets his daddy time with him on the weekends while you’re working. You realize that all the one on one daddy time will eventually turn him in to a daddy’s boy don’t you? :p Dameion was certainly a daddy’s boy, hopefully that hasn’t changed too much as he’s gotten older!

  6. Amen sista! No daycare here…I read too much about shaken babies and other horrendous acts against the innocent babes…NOT MY BABY CAKES! (see Kaleb’s Mommy on my myspace page…)

  7. Ohhhh yes, I remember hearing about that. I worked at a daycare for a year and a half. I ended up quitting because I felt that the kids weren’t being taken care of appropriately. Mine were..I LOVED that job!! But the stuff I seen and heard with the other teachers..just unacceptable. Luckily for my daycare there were cameras….but only if 4 of the rooms. I think it should be required in all rooms, and not just live feed.

    Crap like this happens alot and it makes me jsut sick. And I agree with the mum….I woulda beat the holy living shit outta someone. MY son means the world to me, I mean my god I go ballistic on people when they don’t even look at him the right way. Grrrr….Yes, the story trully is heartbreaking.

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