I called the doctor and this is what he said…

I’ve decided that I need to give medicine a try. A friend at work made a recommendation for my anxiety and edginess lately, so I called my doctor to see if he would be able/willing to help me out.

I informed him that I have no insurance, but that I really need help because I have an infant and work with kids.

I believe that my birth control has a lot to do with it. Mike says I’ve been this way since he’s known me…okay, if so, I need to fix it. I’ve tried meditation and exercise, breathing…all those techniques and they don’t work for me. I feel weird because I’m always counseling teens on how to manage their behaviors and how to respond appropriately to their feelings, yet I can’t make it work for myself.

My BC is Mirena and I believe it comes packed with hormones. I haven’t felt normal since having it placed in my uterus. Thing is is that I can’t afford to have it removed nor can I afford to not have BC. It would cost about $460 to have it removed.

I called my doc and talked with one of the nurses. She said she’d talk to him and get back with me. (They’re very personal there. They treat you like family.)

She told me it’d be $75 for the visit and he wouldn’t charge to write a prescription. I can’t afford that.

Luckily we have EAP at work – an Employee Assistance Program – that I utilized once before when I hit that deer. Jennifer told me that it’s for ALL employees: part-time, full-time, PRN…whatever. So, I’m going to call and set up an appointment to see my therapist again.

I’m sure those of you at Fornits will love twisting my words around to make me sound looney, like I need to be commited at a hospital. This is frequent after childbirth and with body changes for us hormonal and emotional women.


14 thoughts on “I called the doctor and this is what he said…

  1. Hey! You have to do what you have to do. And I have to tell you that birth control makes me looney toons… Moody, irritable and overly anxious. Post partum does the same to me. I called my doctor in tears, begging for something when my son was two weeks old. They called it into my pharmacy in two hours. Seriously, do what you have to do girlie… I’m a huge proponent of controlling behaviors and using meditation, but when the hormones strike, none of that will be helping…

  2. My sister had major problems with the implanted birth control after she had my niece and so did my friend Keisha. Seems birth control always makes me worse-edgier, moodier, etc. Isn’t there a planned parenthood clinic in Knoxville? I go to the one here since they’re so cheap and the nurse practicioner I see is AWESOME! Didn’t have insurance when I moved here and it was time for the annual…yuck, but anyway, maybe try them. The great thing about them is they choose to be there for women, unlike gyno’s and their staff who are just there for a paycheck and are always pretty shitty to you. I’ve heard good things about yaz-if you can get rid of the Mirena! The hormones are really low level so you can hope to avoid the horrible mood swings, edginess.

    What seems to help me the most w/ anxiety is a low dose of klonopin twice a day-its saved me many, many days at work from cussing someone out. (if we’d met when I started taking that stuff, we’d probably would’ve skipped years of bs!) I take 0.25 mg twice a day, and not even every day, just when I feel the rage coming on! It’s fairly cheap too, if you can get a doctor to write the prescription-about $30 for a months supply. My old psychiatrist in Cleveland, Dr. Liu, is one of the few there who will write it anymore. There’s a doctor at the walk in clinic across the street from Krystal too who will write it, just don’t know his name-my brother Josh goes to him. You probably don’t need antidepressants in any form, just to see the EAP people a few times and keep doing what you’re doing. The Rolling Stones didn’t write “mother’s little helper” for nothing-those drugs really help! (just not in excess!)

  3. Sometimes I think the same thing!! I do believe mine comes with a very low or no amount of hormones. I’m not sure what I want to do.

    I think I’ll just see the shrink just to see what he says/recommends.

  4. I do believe Mother’s Little Helper was about the meth craze of the 40s and 50s (and so on)!!! But, I totally get what you’re saying!

    I can’t afford to have the Mirena removed; it will cost $680 I do believe. I don’t have that. 😦 I think my only option at this point is to either see the shrink or suck it up and deal with it on my own.

    The latter isn’t working, so….

  5. It was all about the valium! They used to prescribe them like crazy…now you can’t get anything decent for anxiety cause they’re all afraid you’ll get addicted. Whatever-not everyone abuses their medications. Some people still take them as needed, not 5-10 at a time!

  6. No shit!! The best stuff I ever had to relax me was the shit they gave me during labor to put me to sleep. Stadol (sp?)….it was pretty scary because it felt soooo good.

    I just want something to take the edge off. Even as I sit here typing, I just feel uptight.

  7. Klonopin and valium are great-take a really low dose, and you feel much better. I know all about the edginess…course I know more about rage caused by stupid coworkers-if I didn’t take the stuff, I probably would’ve been fired a while ago. You really don’t feel too many of the effects, you just get calmer-won’t make you sleepy or groggy. I’m able to fully function on the stuff. It really helps with the tension headaches I get too-they start in my neck, go down my shoulder and in to my arm-if I take 0.25 mg of klonopin, it loosens me up enough to not need a bunch of painkillers that are only hurting my liver.

  8. Jordan and I were actually having the birth control discussion today. I don’t want to use anything with hormones at all. I’ve had such a hard time and been on so many different types of hormones over the years I just can’t go through it again. Haven’t exactly decided yet what alternate route to take, but I’ll let you know.

  9. OK! I am actually loving it for once. I have the curtains drawn back so I can watch it. It looks like a monsoon right now.

    I’ll go look!

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