Sleep….what’s that?

I knew that having a baby would alter my sleep pattern. In fact, it has deprived me of sleep sometimes. I accept that.

Last night I ventured over to to fill in Aidan’s growth chart. I also read up on his developments.

According to their site, he is “probably getting around 12 hours of sleep a night.”

Um, don’t think so. Right now he is back to going to bed later and getting up once, usually around 3am or so, and then sleeping until about 7am. Roughly, he’s sleeping for 4 hours at a time.

Man, I was upset after reading that. I wish he would start sleeping longer…again. I got the priviledge for about a month.

He hasn’t been eating his bowl of rice before bed, but we resumed with that tonight. Perhaps tonight will be a better night!!! We’ll see!


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