ABCs of mememe!

I was not tagged for this, but I will be tagging! I found this on Shari’s blog!

A – Artistic!! check out my photography
B – Blunt…..I don’t sugarcoat anything.
C – Creative….
E – Energetic/Eccentric
F – Foxy…because that’s what people called me at work before I got married

G – God
H – Happy – well, I am!
I – Intuitive…..I can see through your BS

J – Jovial……I’m very animated at times!
K – Kooky
L – laughter – is the best medicine

M – Mikey, my hubby
N – Nookie (I’ll go along with Shari on that one!!) 😉

O – OCD – VERY!!!!

P –  Pussy pink – the only pink I like, too bad I can’t wear pink (see R)

Q – Quirky!
R – Redhead
S – Sex….mmmm

T – Tough
U – Unique

V – Vain……whaaaat?

W – Wendy

X – Seriously, do you expect me to come up with something clever here???
Y – Y comes at the end of Wendy
Z – Zealous

I tag: Jess and Katrina!


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