What happened with the Halloween spirit??

Tonight we went over to Mike’s parent’s old house to visit briefly. We showed off Aidan in his Devil outfit….he was so wickedly cute!! (I’ll post pics later)

We got back home so we could have out the treats to the trick-or-treaters. Well, it took a while for anyone to show up. We got back around 8pm. I was beginning to think that they were done.  Finally we got our first kiddos. They were tweens. And they were rude tweens: they never even said “trick or treat?” Plus they had grocery bags.

I let that slide….but I did complain to Mike. Well, our second set of tweens/kids were no better. The first one was fine, then the girl walked up and was on the phone and never said one word to me, just held out her bag.


I only had 3 rounds of kids come and the last one was a joy. It was a large family or group and there were several little kids that were oh-so-cute and they all said “trick or treat?!” with such enthusiasm, then politely said thank you when all was said and done.

That made my night. I kept my door open until 10 and that was it. 2 years ago I had a ton of kids!! I think I just started late this year. 😦


6 thoughts on “What happened with the Halloween spirit??

  1. Oh, that’s no good!!! We had to call my parents over to bring more candy. They didn’t have any kids and we had about 30 by 7:30!!! Can’t wait to see the pics.

  2. We had all of 3 sets of kids.
    The first was a threesome of neighborhood kids – one of them being a teen who had on no costume and handed out a walmart plasic bag. Did I mention they were sitting on my yard waiting for me when I got home from work?

    The next was a cute couple of kids.

    The last was a group of teens – who DROVE – and arrived around 9:40. Also, no costumes and walmart bags. I was furious. I told them this was all the candy I had (one piece each) but if they had made an effort, I might have been motivated to make an effort to find more candy.

    If you are gonna do this in your teen years, you better be in the spirit.

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