Hooray for sleep!

And just last week I was whining about not getting any sleep.

Last night I put Aidan to bed around 7:30pm. Normally he takes his last nap around this time. I hadn’t given him his dinner nor his bath. It was going on 9:30pm and I was wondering if I should wake him up. I was afraid he’d wake up starving at 1am or something.

Well, I decided it was best that I go to sleep so that if he does wake up like that, I’ll be rested enough.

I woke up this morning when my husband’s alarm went off around 6am. Aidan was still asleep!!! He slept for about 11 hours!!!! It would have been longer had my husband not woke him up trying to cover him back up. I won’t complain, though!!


4 thoughts on “Hooray for sleep!

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  2. Ha!! It was short-lived.

    I’ve kept him as routine as possible. Of course with his new foods being added, and new food times, I’ve had to readjust some of his schedule. Hopefully once all that has been consistently kept in place for a while, he’ll go to sleep and stay asleep. Especially considering that he’s eating much more now.

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