The cat is gone!!

I discovered a smell on Aidan’s rug yesterday that smelled funny. I thought it just may have been that new rug smell, plus any dirt that has accumulated in it. Or cat piss.

Today I discovered a wet spot. I stuck my fingers in it and guess what??

Cat piss or spray.

I don’t care, the cat is gone. I’ll be taking him back to KARM as soon as I can. I can’t handle a jealous cat covering my child’s things in nasty piss. Aidan can’t crawl on it or play in the floor now until it dries. I loaded it down with disinfectant spray and am going to hose it down as well. (It’s shag so it can’t be dry cleaned)’

I was wondering why he was always wanting to sneak in the nursery late in the evenings. I’m sure he snuck in while we were all asleep, too.


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