Crib question.

I had read to not use a bumper pad around your baby’s crib because they could roll into it and suffocate. And when baby is old enough to pull himself up in his crib, you should not have a bumper pad because they could use it as leverage to go over the rail.

Anyone else take heed to these warnings? Anyone encountered problems with their bumper pads? I’m open to all feedback.

I can understand what they are warning, I’m just curious if anyone has had these problems.

Another thing about cribs:

Simplicity’s 3-in-1 style cribs (or 4-in-1 – whatever) are being recalled because the side that drops is malfunctioning and dropping easily. If I can find the info, I’ll post it. Mine is a simplicity, but not the model number (of many) being recalled. I will get the 800 number as well tomorrow so you can call and check.


8 thoughts on “Crib question.

  1. I have 3 monkeys and none of them have ever suffocated or used their bumper to get out of the crib. I wouldnt say I ignore the warnings. But good lord, coffee cups warn you the coffee is hot. No really?? I had no idea my coffee would be hot!?! I take it like that. My 8 month old still has his bumper, and its fine.

    my 2 cents. 😛

  2. Your two cents is muchas appreciated!! Yeah, I kind of think of it the same way, like….anything could happen, always be prepared for the possible.

  3. My friend Katrina and her husband are skipping the bumper pads-Jason says they’re really not necessary, which I can see. Tiff didn’t use them either w/ Zaiden.

  4. Yeah, whenever he falls over he bumps his head on the rails right above anyways, so we are probably going to go ahead and take them down. I just like them because they create a shield that keeps him from distracting himself when he’s trying to go to sleep.

  5. I didn’t use a bumper pad at first. Partly because of the warnings, but really, they were just in the way when I went to change the bed. Later, when my little guy got more mobile, I put it back in because his ankles would get stuck between the rails, and he couldn’t figure how to get them out. Personally, I think a lot of this SIDS stuff is a shot in the dark. Lay them on their sides, lay them on their backs, no pacifier, pacifier… it’s enough to wear a girl out!

  6. I still use a bumper in Lydia’s crib. I have never had any problems. She likes to sleep up in one corner and it keeps her head from hitting the rail. I guess it is whatever works best for you.

  7. Aidan is the exact same way as far as sleeping. He likes to sleep with his head in the corner. I decided to keep his bumper pad in since it does more good than anything else!!


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