Faking a pregnancy

I just watched an episode of Snapped and it was about a woman who had a history of pretending to be pregnant and pretending that they ended in miscarriages or stillbirths.

She had attacked an actual pregnant woman and told her she was going to take her baby. The woman’s apartment had a nursery and she had a diaper bag full of things that were suspected of being used for delivering a baby. She coerced the pregnant woman to come over and she then attacked her with a knife. The preggo lady managed to get the knife from her while sustaining injuries to her hands. She then stabbed the girl and that girl eventually died. 6 days later she gave birth to her healthy child.

Now, what sick bitch would pretend to be pregnant so far as to make a fake belly suit?? She started this at the age of 14. She claimed to have miscarriages and stillbirths, but her stories were so articulate, everyone believed her….reluctantly.

How can someone be so messed up to lie about something like this?? I have absolutely no respect for someone who jumps on a chance to con others with a bullshit story like this. It’s insulting to those of us who actually have had miscarriages and stillbirths. It makes me angry and if I ever knew of anyone doing this, I’d probably have the urge to punch them in the face.

I can totally understand the desire/desperation of wanting to have a child, but there is absolutely no need to fake a pregnancy. Hell it’s sad enough if you can’t have a baby. For the longest, I thought I was barren. It just appalls me that someone can be so sick to do something like this.

But then again, am I really surprised??


5 thoughts on “Faking a pregnancy

  1. I dont even know how to comment on acts like that. I myself have had several miscarriages and I dont understand how ANYONE could ever try to fake it. Let alone make a life out of it. How incredibly heartbreaking and disgusting at the same time.

  2. You know I had a hard time writing this entry last night. I just was at a loss for words. Somehow I managed to put something into words.

    But yeah, I agree. Heartbreaking and disgusting is right.

  3. Some people are just that crazy…I don’t understand it either. After losing a baby, it made me even more emotionally unstable, but jeez, not to the point of faking it or taking someone else’s child!

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