Wave hello!

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my son is learning and picking up on new things. He is starting to mimick Mike and I almost immediately.

He will now wave at you when you say hi or bye bye. He will also say, “Huh?!” if you say something to him. Mike thinks he got that from him because he’s always saying it since he doesn’t hear so well. lol

I mentioned last week that he started licking his lips. His new variation of this is that he will stick his tongue out against his lower lip, like he’s making big lips. It’s so funny.

I have yet to replace Aidan’s rug, but am going to tomorrow. I’m excited about it. I don’t know why, because I’m getting the exact same one. No big deal.


2 thoughts on “Wave hello!

  1. I’m sure Eric’s grandson Landon will pick up huh while Eric’s son and family are in town visiting for a month. He’s about a week older than Aidan, just starting to get a few words/sounds out, and Eric is SERIOUSLY deaf…way worse than Mike!

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