Sneaky little Devil!!

My son has been learning new things, non-stop!! Everytime I turn around, it seems, he’s doing something I’ve never seen him do before!!

Lately he chases me around the house anytime I whip out the broom to sweep. He runs after me in his little car with one arm extended, like he’s desperate to help. When he gets it, he starts shaking the broom against the floor like he’s trying to sweep. At least I know when he gets older he’s more prone to want to help me since he’s showing interest at such an early age!! 🙂

He also started clapping his hands together last week, but with one hand balled in a fist. Yesterday he started clapping with both hands open; I think he likes the sound it makes.

He also loves to play with our hair. He’s opposite of most kids: he’s very gentle with our hair. He likes to run his fingers through it and just let it dangle against his hands. It’s interesting.

We bought him a car on Sunday that is supposed to help him learn how to walk, however, it is so lightweight that it just takes off without him the moment he puts the slightest bit of weight into it. I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work like that. It is also a little car that he can ride around as well. He’s quite the cootie (cutie) when he’s on it. He likes to try to prop his legs on the front so that he’s in the Indian style position.

And boy is he testing out those lungs and vocal chords!!!

When he eats, I guess it puts him in a good mood, because he gets hyper while he’s still in his chair. He flits his arms out and starts screaming at the top of his lungs!!!


2 thoughts on “Sneaky little Devil!!

  1. You could rig up his car w/ swiffer sweepers and he could do the sweeping for you 🙂

    Eric’s grandson has a little wagon to help him balance now that he’s starting to stand up-on hardwood floors the wheels really go so he ends up plopping down on his bottom with a surprised look as the wagon rolls away. lol

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