Night and day

Aidan slept through the night last night which was a relief considering that I’m now sick.

I figured out a couple of weeks ago that Aidan must be allergic to sweet potatoes and that’s what was causing the rash/blisters on his butt. Mike didn’t remember me relating it to the sweet potatoes and he semi-insisted that we try it again because he thought it may be something else.

I fought and fought since I’m with him 24/5.

I agreed, but only to the Corn and Sweet Potatoes mixed so that way it’s not as strong.


I fed them to him today and he has a bad rash now. I’m so over it. I hate seeing him in pain.


4 thoughts on “Night and day

  1. When you mentioned the other day that you thought it might be the food color or dye that Aidan was sensitive to, you may well be right. I did a small amount of internet research and found that oodles of children have varying degrees of sensitivity to Red #40… The most common reaction being skin rashes and eczema. It might not hurt to do some research on your own or even ask the pediatrician.

  2. The thing is is there’s no additives in the food except water, so it has t ojust be the natural acids in the food. They may be too much for his body to deal with.

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