Little teef, little teef let me in!!!!

Aidan is doing quite well considering that he has not 3, but 4!!!!! teeth coming in on his top row. Last night I discovered the 4th one while changing him.

We’ve been alternating between Orajel and Tylenol to help relieve the pain, and they’ll overlap as well so he gets double relief.

He’s been back and forth as far as sleeping through the night. Some nights he goes for the long haul; some nights he still wakes up at 3:30am. At least he’s sleeping for about 5 hours the first round. I’m not sure which is harder: getting up at 3:30 briefly or not getting up until about 7am, then staying awake for at least 2 hours which cuts my sleep usually around 7 hours…which sucks. Almost there!!!!!

We bought him a duckie tub since he’s outgrowing his baby tub. It’s pretty cool and seems like a good, safe idea.

We have yet to use it. Last night it was so late, I didn’t give him a bath at all. We had a fun-filled day of shopping with my friend Rhiannon. I wound up buying him a unionsuit and 2 long-sleeved onesies!!!! Yay, I finally found some plain white ones!

You can always rely on Target to make you happy!


2 thoughts on “Little teef, little teef let me in!!!!

  1. now I’ve got to remember to go here instead!

    I got ERic’s grandson a cute pirate t-shirt at Target over the weekend-it’s grey with a pirate head/sword pattern on it and its got a long sleeve black tshirt sewn in underneath, got some black sweat pants to go w/ it…hehehe…it’ll be obvious who picked that outfit out!

  2. Yeah, I just wanted a new address and There’s No Place Like Mommy is cute!!

    Haha…that outfit sounds badass!! I was at Target yesterday and didn’t see that. Aidan needs some black pants to go with his Misfits onesie and pirate/skull shirts. I can’t wait until our Target opens. MArch I believe….I may even go work there!!! lol

    Mom got him one that says “I’m on the Nice List. Trust me.” with a skull in a santa hat.

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