Beat me up, Scotty!

I’ve been a slacker and have not been posting about my ooglie booglie.

Like always, he has made several accomplishments and honestly I don’t remember which ones I haven’t told you about. But, I’m going to say them and if I repeat myself, no apologies. If you’re a mom, you understand the decrease in memory after having a wee one. 🙂

Whenever we’re feeding him and he’s in his booster seat, he likes to push himself backwards and pop the back of his seat loose. He then reaches around and grabs it, pulling it up front to play with then drop. He’s got this feat down pat.

He also likes driving around in his little car and grabbing everything off of the shelves. He has boocoos of toys all his own, but does he play with those? No. He wants to play with the coasters, mommy’s metal slug, the DVD players, DVDs and whatever may be on the coffee table. And of course, it all goes in his mouth.

We bought him a little push car that will help him learn how to walk. At first he’d lean into it and it would take off and leave him face down (we caught him) because it weighs nothing. He figured out that he can’t lean into it. He wants to walk all the time. Whenever I hold him in my lap, he just squirms his way until I let him down to walk. He does very well, but where he’s so used to walking around in his car, he has learned to lean into the seat. Whenever he’s trying to walk, he leans forward like that’s what he’s supposed to do!! He walks up a storm when you let him hold your fingers. Hecan stand alone for a long time, but when you put him in the middle of the floor to stand alone, I guess he gets intimidated and starts wiggling a lot. Then he just wants to sit down.

We’re almost there.

He also likes saying, “Huh” and will carry on an entire conversation comprised of just him saying the word. It’s cute. He does try talking and will make variations in his voice tone.

Something he does that is so frustrating is when he’s being changed, he does not sit still. He will flip over then crawl towards the shelf on the side that has all of his butt meds and lotions. Then he wants to pick one to play with while being changed. It’s like taking a kid to the dentist and letting them pick out their toothbrush to keep them calm and satisfied. And of course, he gets bored easily, so just as I am about to powder him or put on goo (or right after I have), he goes for round 2.

We are fast approaching his first Christmas and I can’t wait to watch him tear into gifts and get all excited. Maybe he’ll be walking by then. Ganny got him a cute shirt for the day and it says “I’m on the nice list. Trust me.” with a skull wearing a Santa hat!!


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