He loves to organize!!

My son loves to organize…in his own way!

Since he has learned to crawl, he goes everywhere. And he loves to park it righ infront of the entertainment center. The 3 lowest shelves have doors so they are oh so fun to open back and forth. Not to mention they are the easiest to access. Inside you’ll find tons of DVDs!! And mommy lets me put them wherever I want to! She doesn’t mind me organizing the place!!

Here he is caught in the middle of everything.


Here he is selecting M*A*S*H!! He’s looking for laughter!


No, I changed my mind. I want to watch a movie.


How about Revervoir Dogs?


Uhoh! He decided he was going to come get me!!



Maybe not! Maybe I’ll sit here and be cute.


Nah….I’m outta here. Time to go do some more rearranging!! This time we’re going to take care of those candles!!



6 thoughts on “He loves to organize!!

  1. The REsevoir Dogs pic is probably the best. šŸ™‚

    Eric’s 2 year old niece will wear her socks but will refuse to put her shoes on the right feet!

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