It’s a problem you can’t stop: it’s rock n’ roll!

This evening I decided to pop in some music videos for Aidan to watch and listen to. I want to raise him right as a true rock n’ roller!!

We watched Cinderella videos and GNR before he was wiped out!! He was even quite the rocker as he now has a bump on his noggin and a scratch on his cheek!! (he was crawling around during GNR and managed to wipe out)

Ofcourse, when I put GNR in, it really took me back. I started thinking about my life growing up as a rock n’ roll kid. My parents raised me on 70s rock, along with the Beatles and I grew up in the 80s when rock got even crazier!! I loved many bands, but my heart was truly with one: GNR. And that was until Marilyn Manson came about.

I could tell you every song they ever made, sing all of the lyrics and hum out the guitar solos!!

I want Aidan to be musically inclined as well. His daddy is a rocker: he plays electric guitar and does so quite well considering his damage to his hand from nearly being half-way cut off. Although Mike hasn’t played any in a couple of years, it’s still there. And I want it back.

If he has to change jobs so he’s home more, then so be it. I want us to do what makes us happy. And playing guitar truly makes Mike happy and I want Aidan to grow up appreciating his father’s talents.


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