Is he a toddler now, or still an infant?

Aidan is fast approaching his 1 year birthday!! I can’t believe how time flies!!!

I was wondering the other day when will he be considered a toddler? When I think of infants, I think of babies that need to be held all of the time. When I think of toddlers, I think of kids who are walking and talking. Aidan is neither. I’m not fretting over it.

When he gets fussy and wants a bottle, he now says nnnn bobble or baba baba baba. It’s so cute. I finally realinzed what he was saying yesterday.

As I was giving him a bath last night, I turned on the faucet to rinse him and he loves reaching for that water. When he does, he just keeps his hand under it as if he’s trying to grab hold of it or catch it. It’s the cutest thing. I think it amazes him. When he was little, the trees outside amazed him. Everytime we’d take him out, he’d break his neck trying to look up at our Crape Myrtle and he’d stare at it forever.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.


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