No shoes, no service.

Aidan absolutely can not stand wearing shoes. Whenever I put them on him, he’ll scrape his feet together in an attempt to kick them off.

Somehow he’s successful. As tight as I strap them on, he still manages to take them off. It’s so frustrating because his socks are getting nasty and staining. I have to keep an unused set for whenever we go out somewhere nice or visit family. I know everyone would understand, but I still like for him to be presentable when we’re not chasing him on the floor at home.

My mother bought him what we refer to as pappaw shoes. They are houseshoes that look like something a pappaw would wear. They’re from Baby GAP and would be nice if he’d wear them. Yesterday I bought him some booties/slippers that go up his leg kind of like a sock and can also be folded down. Still didn’t work. 😐 He had them off 5 seconds after I struggled for 5 minutes to put them on.

I give up.


One thought on “No shoes, no service.

  1. I always had problems getting Dahlia to wear shoes. She would have them off within 5 minutes of putting them on…funny thing is she still hates to wear shoes.

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