What to feed my baby.

Over the past month I’ve incorporated meats into Aidan’s diet. My chart says to allow soft meats. Well, the only thing that Aidan semi-likes is bologna.

I know that turkey and chicken are chewy, but don’t really have any ideas as to what I can feed him otherwise. I know I could give him some kind of fish or tofu.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?


9 thoughts on “What to feed my baby.

  1. SPAM! jk-he’d be overloaded on sodium.
    Have you tried tuna? Maybe fix some of Mike’s
    tuna/mac n cheese to get him used to the taste…?

  2. oh, speaking of canned chicken…I’ve got another recipe for you-
    you’ll need:
    one can of chicken
    one can of condensed cream of chicken soup
    one can of crescent rolls

    rolls up the chicken in the crescent rolls, place in a baking dish and bake for the time listed on the rolls. Remove from over.

    Stir condensed cream of chicken soup with wisk/fork until its pourable. Pour over the chicken stuff crescent rolls, heat in oven until the soup is warm.

    DONE! They’re soooo good-and easy and cheap to make!

  3. I agree with the ham… but really, I say give him whatever he will eat. I think part of the problem with my picky eaters is that I waited too long to introduce them to various textures. Now they eat no meat at all, unless chicken nuggets really count as meat. 🙂

    I’m so honored to be included on your sidebar!!! It’s soo nice to belong. Tee-hee!


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