Chik-Fil-A bay-bay!!

When Aidan and I went to Chattanooga to go shopping this past week, I stopped in at Chik-Fil-A to get some chicken nuggets. They have the best and they cook them in peanut oil instead so they’re not as gross as other restaurants.

I tore of a small piece and let Aidan try it. He kind of did the, “What the hell is this shit?” face at first, but slowly eased off the expression as if he was starting to like it. He finished it without spitting it out, so I gave him 2 more. So, he seems to like chicken!! I bought a can of that chicken that soaks in water (Hormel, I think) so hopefully he likes that. It’s only $2.50 a can, so it’s rather cheap considering how long it could last. And of course, it won’t be the only meat I’ll feed him.

I have to get a few groceries today so I’ll pic up some ham or something else to churn his taste buds with.


One thought on “Chik-Fil-A bay-bay!!

  1. There isn’t much that Christopher won’t eat……in fact he will cry if he sees someone eating somthing that he doesn’t have. Do you give Aidan any other table foods?

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