Hugs n’ Kisses!!


Aidan now will give hugs and kisses on command! I love it. A lot of times he gives hugs without you even asking. He’ll squeeze his little arms around your neck and play with your hair. It’s great. There’s nothing more rewarding than being a mother/parent.

Aidan didn’t care too much for opening gifts on Christmas; I think we were more thrilled than he was! lol He did open one all the way on his own. Other than that, he was trying to climb on me the whole time. He loves his Sit n’ spin zebra. In fact, he’s alread ylearned how to get off of it without falling. He pushes himself off the back of it, then goes around the side and hold onto the reins. He just hasn’t quite learned how to get on it yet. He’s learning, though.

He now has 3 teeth on top and 2 teeth on the bottom that are all the way through his gums. 2 on top are pushing their way to the end of his gums. He’s developing so fast.

He’s now wearing a size 2T-3T in socks, and he just turned 11 months. Amazing, huh? Last time I measure him he was 31= inches. That’s edging towards 3 feet tall!!!!! I can’t believe the little wiggle worm that was in my belly is now a 3 foot tall toddler.

I discovered that the nurse who was pregnant the same time I was at work is pregnant again. I guess she’s close to 5 months because they find out today what the baby is. Her boy, Sawyer, was born 2 months before Aidan. Congrats to Erica and her hubby on their new baby!!

I’d love to have another child in a year or 2, but we’ll have to see how life is going for us then. I’m sure Aidan would love to have a sibling.

Happy New Years everyone!!!!


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