Time to baby proof the house??

My boy is fast growing. It’s so hard to keep up with all of his accomplishments and growth.

This past week he has learned to hold his spoon correctly and to either dip it into his bowl of food or to dip it in the jar of food. He successfully put it to his mouth once, but had dumped everything out of the spoon before he actually reached his mouth.

He is a dancing king, too. Whenever music is on the TV, he starts bouncing. Wild Thing (Tone Loc) came on on Uncle Buck tonight and he was so cute bouning to the beat.

Yesterday he took 4-5 steps. I was so impressed!! He was standing with me, holding onto his Zebra and all of a sudden he turned away from me and took off!!! Go baby go!! He’s also learning how to lift his leg up to try and climb onto things, so we have to be extra aware of his every move now.

We haven’t made much of an effort to baby proof the house, even after he started crawling. I think now we are really going to have to take care of business. He wants to get his hands on anything. It’s like a man in a whorehouse. He grabs for everything he sees.


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