Aidan’s surgery.

We arrived bright and early at 6:30am to the surgery center and Aidan was ready to go!!

We we’re low on sleep and Aidan slept well enough to be bouncing off the walls. He seriously was bouncing all over the bed we had him on, he was clapping at the nurses and yelling out and growling at everybody!! He’s such an attention whore. 🙂 He loves to flirt, too.

We sat with him for about 30 minutes until the doctor got there and he went back. He was clinging to my neck like crazy, but he went fine once the nurse got him in her arms. I saw him when they went through the door; he was looking around checking everything out.

The surgery took about an hour and a half. Fortunately I wasn’t a wreck….not as bad as the night before. I think the shopping helped!! That and I had More, Now, Again by Elizabeth Wurtzel with me.

When he was done we went back and sat with him in the recovery room for about an hour. He was out of it and it made me so sad to see him in a hospital bed, under a hospital bankie with an IV in his arm. He awoke once and sat up all crazy-like. I grabbed him and held him. Later when he woke I gave him some juice because he was super-duper thirsty. We had to change his diaper before we could leave and so we saw what his penis looked like. It was swollen to about the size of a vienna sausage and was all purple and red from blood. It looked awful, but he’ll be better in the long run. We held him and loved on him until we left. The carseat was uncomfortable at first, but once we adjusted it to be loose around his crotch, he seemed at ease.

He slept the whole ride home. I almost slept until we stopped for lunch.

The whole day he slept off and on. He’d wake to cry every 10 minutes or so, poor thing. By 8pm, Aidan was ready to crawl all over the floor and he was rolling around in his playpen.

Since then he seems to be in less pain. Of course, whenever he pees it kills him. And me. I can’t stand to hear him cry like thaty and see him shaking from the pain.

Today I called in for work to come in this evening so I could help Mike out. I know how strenuous it would be on the mind to have to take care of him in his worst time. He should be feeling a lot better by this evening and tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Aidan’s surgery.

  1. Hopefully only another day or two and he’ll feel much better!

    Tell me how the Elizabeth Wurtzel book is…Prozac Nation was great, but Bitch was so boring I couldn’t even finish it.

  2. Yeah, he already seems to be dealing with the pain so much better. I know by the end of this week things will probably feel normal again.

    I will. I started reading Prozac Nation and stopped a couple of chapters or so into it. So far this one is OK. The Heroin Diaries was much more intense by far.

    I haven’t read Bitch yet.

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