Num num num.

I really need to be more attentive to my blog. After all, this was my main one just a year ago!! (Aside from my LiveJournal that I’ve had for like 3 years).

Aidan likes to hold his spoons now and stick it in the bowl or plate that I’m feeding him from. He is also coordinated enough to insert it in his little jars of food, just not coordinated enough to stick it in his mouth…with food on it. The food usually slides off into his lap or the side of his chair.

He also likes “feeding” Mike and I now. He actually tries putting everything in our mouths. Last night it was his spooky rattle. He finds it to be very hilarious!!

It’s day 5 after his surgery and you wouldn’t know that he even had surgery by the way he acts….especially from last night. Ugh. We were ready to go to bed at about 10:30. He had already had his last bottle and had fallen asleep in Mike’s arms when Mike was putting him to bed. As he laid him down, he woke up. So I had my turn at putting him back to sleep. He struggled a little and finally fell back to sleep within 15 minutes. (This was about 10pm) I tried putting him to bed when he woke up on me. Then he just would not go back to sleep.

He was flipping around in my arms and grunting so I put him in his play yard. Mike was ready for bed and headed that way at 11 and he said he’d take Aidan with him since he likes to sleep with us and will fall asleep rather easily. He was really tired so I new he’d be out in no time.

Boy was I wrong. He laid in there and kicked his legs high and low and refused to go back to sleep. Eventually I went in there and got him. I gave him another bottle since he didn’t eat much of his dinner and he ate most of it. He pooped so I changed him.

Then I tried taking him to our bed again and I laid down, too. It was after midnight and he still didn’t want to sleep. I went back to the living room and put him in his play yard so he could wear himself out. My eyes started burning and I was past ready for sleep.

So I tried again. Finally!! Success! He went to bed at about 12:30 am or so.

I sure hope he doesn’t make this a habit.


2 thoughts on “Num num num.

  1. Self feeding seems to take forever! Lydia gets frustrated with the spoon and starts eating out of the bowl like a raccoon! 😉
    Our Wonder Babies!

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