Bad mommy!

As I was reading my favorite blogs, I noticed that Aidan had gotten quiet for a minute while by his play yard. He was also by one of the end tables….the one with the candy dish.

I heard a break and he was tearing up my negative holders from a pack of pics. No big deal. As I got closer, I could smell mint. As I stood over him, he looked at me with a cute little innocent grin and I knew what he had done. He had eaten half of an Andes mint. Paper and all. Shit!

Hubby will kill me!! That as my first thought. Then I tried to retrieve it just in case he hadn’t swallowed it yet. Sure enough, it was in there and I think he was trying to figure out how to easily muster down a foil wrapper that has no flavor and won’t chew into smaller pieces. As I started to stick my finger in his clenched teethe and lips, he began to gag.

All done.

Phew, now I’ll live to see next week. After all, I have something to announce then!!


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