No rest for the wicked.

Aidan refuses to let me have me time anymore….and he doesn’t go to sleep until about 1am.

The past few days have been very trying. Some days I felt like letting Aidan be raised by the animals in the woods. It doesn’t help when hubs is working more than ever lately.

We’ve been decreasing on giving him his hydrocodone as time passes and since he has less and less. I’m not sure if this is what’s causing him to be crazy with his sleep or what.

Aidan had gotten pretty regular as far as when he wakes, naps and goes to bed. Now it’s all out of whack.

The past few nights he hasn’t wanted to go to bed until about 2 am. He wakes at about 9am and then doesn’t really want to nap until about 2pm (which is fine, I’ll say why later). Every time we try to put him to sleep (when he’s let us know he’s ready), he flips and flops for a while. Last night he did this for about an hour and a half…in my arms. He sits up and tries climbing up on me like he’s sleep walking.  He does this everytime. And when I try laying him down in his crib once he’s good and asleep, he’ll roll over and wake up.

It’s. SO. Frustrating.

We decided that he was probably getting too many naps during the day, so we’d just let him play longer and give him a nap around 2 or so (in the middle of the day) since he no longer needs so many naps. He was sleeping approximately 3 hours on his first nap anyways. By the end of the night, we were feeding him his dinner at 9pm!! So we knew something had to change. No baby needs to be up that late eating.

Since we came up with this, something has put a dent in it. I say something because it’s got to be some unnatural force possessing my child and turning him into the non-sleep demon.

I feel sorry for him because he can’t play with any of his riding toys – which are all of his favorites that he uses 90% of the time he’s awake – and so he gets bored easily. He wants my attention, ALL. THE. TIME! I don’t mind playing with him, but momma needs her time, too.

I haven’t been able to blog much because of it.

So, there. Now I’m grey headed just from re-hashing everything.

On the flip side, my boy has finally come to an understanding that Mello-Yello is liquid gold. See:


He has also learned how to turn off and on both the TV and the DVD player. Last night he opened the DVD player and I had to rush over and close it before he broke the little drawer off.

The past couple of day I’ve been contacting his urologist about our concerns with his penis and how it’s healing. I described to them what looks like a wide-open wound and a place that looks like his old hole. He peed out of his old hole last night so I called them back. They had told me that it all sounded normal and that it’s going to look pretty mangled. It wasn’t very reassuring when the doc kept saying, “I think I made a good penis.” several times. Apparently it wasn’t good enough. It fell apart already. I sent them 2 pictures of it and he said it looks normal, but that it does have a fistual (?? where his urethra was, it has now opened up again).

He has to have surgery again in 6 months. *heavy sigh* He told me it wouldn’t be as extensive as this last one, but I just don’t want Aidan to have to suffer twice. Then again, I don’t want him to have to suffer the embarrassment of having a weird penis.

On Sunday night he walked from me to Mike. He took about 8 steps without giving up!!! He’s pulling himself up so easily now and does it anywhere and everywhere. He crawls like a madman, too. He has bruises on his knees from crawling and has battle wounds on his head from bumping into things when he crawls.

He likes screaming “mama” and “dada” when we cruise around Wal-Mart and he sits sideways with one leg up in the seat and one arm propped on the back of the seat, yelling at people and looking like a cool little stud.

That’s my boy!!


2 thoughts on “No rest for the wicked.

  1. It could be withdrawals from the hydrocodone-it doesn’t take much to build a tolerance to it as an adult-I’m sure its 100x worse for a baby.

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