Shake it baby!

Aidan loves to dance now!! We watch music videos when we get up in the morning, or even when cartoon are beginning, like the Backyardigans, he loves to dance. He watches and listens intently…then he’s done. I don’t think he cares as much about the cartoon as he does the intro!

I can’t believe my boy will be a year old in 6 days!!!! It only seems like 3 months ago I was a big fat blob carrying around his little self in my belly.

From this:          To this:

Pregnancy was an experience I loved. I did not enjoy it as some women say they love being pregnant. I gained 38lbs. and was miserable. I was all belly and so back took a toll. I also had sciatica (which I still sufffer from complications from that at times) and I couldn’t wait to get back into my blue jeans.

I loved feeling him inside of me, rolling around (most of the time until he was trying to find his way out through my side) and I love the closeness I felt carrying him around in such a comforting, safe environment.

I can’t believe we created such a beautiful human being. He means so much to us and he is our world!! Mom and daddy loves you punkin butter bisquit!!


3 thoughts on “Shake it baby!

  1. Thats so sweet good job Mommy.
    Im glad you understand i don’t know what has been compeling me to write about such personal stuff i guess its just time it makes me feel good to know im not alone in this.

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